Fun Ring

Data Bundles:

Now you can get your Data Bundles, just Call 120 or Dial *120# and select one of the packages:

50MB for D30; 100MB for D45; 200MB for D90 ; 500MB for D195 ; 1GB for D275 ; 2GB for D495 ; 4GB for D750 ; 8GB for D1,250; 12GB for D1,650.

To check your MB balance, dial *132# Free of Charge. All Above packages are valid for 30 days.

4Him & 4Her:
This service enables all the subscribers to receive useful tips for boys and girls by sms every day at 10am. Send SUB to 7001 (men) or to 7002 (women).

Sports News:
Want to always be updated with the latest Sports news? Send SUB to 7070 and you will receive the latest Goals, Scores, News about your favorite Sports.

An easy and simple way to find out what your star holds for you. Send SUB followed by your star sign to 7151 and you’ll receive it every day at 9am.

SMS 2 email:
The easiest way to send an email from you Africell line. Just send email address followed by # and then email content to 7191.

SMS Express:
Get 150 SMS weekly for only 5 Dalasis. Just send SUB to 7050. (Valid for 7 days)

Choose 1 favorite contact and call him for free for a whole month. Just send SUB to 135 then call 135 to choose the number.

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