In 2001, Africell was first launched in The Gambia with an ambitious aim to make a difference not only in Communication but also in the Community. Being the second to enter the market meant we needed to do things radically different; by providing the best customer care and the most advanced call center in The Gambia. We always offer the best promotions and the most affordable prices and we also made a difference through our social missions; we sponsored football teams and we sponsored schools, we also supported farmers with their land in “back to the land” promotions. We even had our own beauty pageant! Yes Africell was the first mobile Operator in The Gambia who gave the opportunity for Gambians to chose their own beauty ambassador to represent their youth and culture!
In July 2006 Africell became the Market leader in terms of subscribers. In April 2008 we hit the 500,000 mark and remained the market leader with more than 63% market share. Currently we have 1,600,000 loyal subscribers and remain the market leaders with 63% share.

During our 13 years we always introduced the latest services to our customer, from Call Ring Back tone back in 2007 to Breaking News Services like Jazeera in 2008 and Sports News in 2010.

In January 2018, Africell launched the 4G/LTE network services covering the Greater Banjul with a plan to cover all of the Gambia providing the fastest speed with 150 Mbit/s download and upload.

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