Fun Ring

Data Bundles:
Now you can get your Data Bundles, just Call 120 or Dial *120# and select one of the packages:

- 20MB for D8; 40MB for D17; 50MB for D26; 100MB for D45; 150MB for D56; 200MB for D90; 300MB for D109; 500MB for D145; 750MB for D179. (Valid for 30 days)
- 1GB for D250; 1.5GB for D259; 2GB for D495; 3GB for D575. (Valid for 45 days)
- 4GB for D750; 5GB for D770; 8GB for D970; 10GB for D1,300; 12GB for D1,615, 13GB for D1,620. (Valid for 60 days)

To check your MB balance, dial *132# Free of Charge.

Fun Ring:
This service is one of the best services and mostly used by our subscribers. It allows the subscriber to play muic to callers whenever they dial their number.

- Go to create message
- Type FUN and send to 139
- Subscriber will receive a confirmation message from Africell welcoming them to the service with a 4-digit password that they can use to access the fun ring on the company website.
- Either call our toll-free line for the code of your choice or use the search engine i.e. send the artist name to 138 and you will receive the code for that song.
- Go to create message and type "set" leave space and type the code of the song (e.g. SET 11453)
- Send the message to 139
- The fun ring will be activated for all callers.

To activate a special fun ring for a specific caller:
- Go to create message
- Type "F 11453 7/2XXXXXX"

Send message to 139. That specific tune will be activated for only that caller.

SMS Express:
This service allows you to send free SMS daily to another Africell subscriber.

- Create a new message, type SUB, and send to 7050.
- You will receive 200 SMS valid for 7 days.
- This service will cost you only D5.

This service allows you to talk to a particular number for a duration of 1000 minutes.

To subscribe:
- Go to Create Message, type SUB and send it to 135
- You will receive a confirmation message, call 135 and follow the voice prompt.
- The service cost only D150 for 1000 minutes within 30 days.
- The customer will be notified prior to the expiry date.

Koolareh Service (152):
This service enables subscribers who have been using their lines for a period of 3 months or more to have the opportunity to borrow credit. The amount which can be borrowed depends on the number of years that the SIM card has been active.

- To subscribe to this service, send an empty SMS to 152 or call 152 to borrow credit.
- This service will enable subscribers who run out of credit and don't have access to reload their account, to borrow credit for important phone calls.

Holy Quran Recitation:
With Africell, you don't need a fancy phone phone to have access to the Holy Quran. You just have to dial 2153 and follow the voice instruction to listen to your choice of surahs. Each surah is assigned to the range of numbers from 1 to 114 so the subscriber just needs to choose the surah number followed by the #key. 

Prayer Times:
This service will allow our subscribers to receive an SMS for the five daily prayers, five minutes before each prayer time.

- The subscriber will have to send an SMS containing SUB to 7120 and will receive the following SMS: "Dear subscriber, thank you for choosing the prayer times service from Africell. Now you will receive every day an SMS reminder before each praying time."

You want to find out what the stars say about you for the day, this is the service for you.
- Type your Horoscope sign name in a message (Aries, Leo, Capricorn, Scorpio...)
- Send the message to 7151
- You will receive an Auto-Reply message with your horoscope for that day.
- The service cost only D1 per SMS.

Intelligent Clip Service:
It enables subscribers to manage their calls anytime and anywhere they are, for example if the subscriber is in a meeting and doesn't want to receive any calls, they can simply turn off heir phone and once they switch it on again, ICLIP sends them an auto message showing numbers that called the subscriber with the date and time.

How to activate the Inteligent Clip Service?

There are two ways to subscribe to the Intelligent Clip Service.

(One month subscription) Send a blank SMS to 128 then go to divert calls, choose the option where you want to divert your calls to and divert your calls to (+220125) and it will cost you D5.

Own Number:
This service helps the subscriber to easily know their own phone number.

- Call 2111 to listen to the voice prompt
- Type *2111# and dial

CUG (Close User Group)
The CUG operates as a virtual private network and gives members the leverage to communicate freely at no extra cost for n entire month with all the members in the group. However, calls outside the group, calls to other networks and international calls will carry the same charges as a normal prepaid line.

The following are the requirements/features of the Closed User Group:
- Minimum of 5 members
- GMD100 per member
- Application letter on your company's letterhead requesting for CUG
- Company's photocopied registration form
- Lost/blocked Sims will be replaced for free
- A contract is to be signed once the application is successful

ISP (Internet Service Provider) Dedicated Internet

This service gives you permanent access to the internet, using a dedicated/shared data line to connect your office to the Africell network. Africell provides you with a direct link into our fast, reliable, uncongested network and onwards to the World Wide Web. When you subscribe to our dedicated internet service you will be guaranteed the capacity you signed up to at all times.

Our Offers
Whatever your need is, Africell has a solution for you.
1- We have a national coverage and can provide this solution all over the country
2- Guaranteed bandwidth can be provided from 1Mbps upwards
3- We propose symmetrical links so you can enjoy same speed for uploads and downloads
4- Service is carried out through fiber or Radio (Microwave) depending on the location of your premises.

- Initial payment to be made in advance
- 1 year commitment

Afri Mobile Money
Africell Mobile Money is an innovative, mobile phone-based payment system that allows customers to carry out simple banking operations and transactions in total security. It does not require a bank account.

Customers can do the following:
- Deposit or cash in
  Deposit money into an Africell Mobile Money account
- Withdrawal or Cash Out
  Withdraw money from an Africell Mobile Money account
- Money transfer or P2P
  Transfer money from person to person within The Gambia
- Top Up
  Buy Africell airtime for yourself
- Bill Payment
  Pay for goods and services from utility companies and service providers like Africell
- Balance Enquiry
- Change PIN
- Last 5 transactions

How to use Africell Mobile Money Services:

> How to get started with Africell Mobile Money?
   Getting started with Africell Mobile Money is very easy. Visit any Africell outlets or partners today with the following:
  - Provide identification with a valid picture e.g. Voter's Card, Passport, Driving License, National ID Card and Resident Permit.
  - You will be given a form to fill in your details
  - Once your account has been created, you will receive an SMS requesting you to change your Africell Mobile Money PIN

> How do you access Africell Mobile Money?
   You can access Africell Mobile Money by dialing *777# with an Africell SIM card

> Where is Africell Mobile Money available in the Gambia?
  - All Africell Outlets
  - All Trust Bank branches
  - All GT Bank branches
  - Reliance Financial services
  - Or Call 777 to be connected to an agent

Africell Mobile App
The Africell Mobile App gives you an easy access to enjoy all our services.
The app is currently available on Play Store (Android) and App Store (iphone).
The Africell Mobile App gives you access to the following:
  > Account Info: with this feature, you have instant access to your:
    - Credit Balance
    - Data Balance
    - Free Balance
    - Free SMS 
    - Free Money & Gift Balance

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