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The world in your hand

Afrimoney has unique features that make it secure to send the right amount to the right person at the precise time, making it the most reliable and secure Mobile Money service in The Gambia

Afrimoney Services

Send money to all networks and even to people without phones. All you have to do is let the recipient know the unique secure code generated when you send the money.

Pay for services and utility bills like electricity, School Fees and digital TV subscription conveniently in the comfort of your home.

Buy airtime and Data packages directly from your phone.

With Afrimoney you can buy airtime and Data packages directly from your phone using your account.

Afrimoney Benefits

Protection from fraud. When you send to an Africell customer for the first time, they will receive an SMS requesting them to dial *161# to accept the transfer by entering the sender’s number in the confirmation menu.

You can view up to 5 pending transfers to be confirmed.

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