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State of the art network

Africell 4G delivers blazing-fast data transmission speeds. The widest network offering the best and most affordable services.

Launched back in January 2018 Africell offers the fastest 4G all across The Gambia. We currently have a 4G network that utilizes the Long Term Evolution technology (LTE). The key feature of 4G LTE is improved data speeds when compared to 3G networks – up to 40Mbps for upload and download. This technology allows considerably faster call connections and considerably better audio quality.

Africell evolved from the initial 3G offering with the introduction of high-speed data services along to offer a fast data transmission speed coupled with a wide range of 4G-compatible handsets and modems.

The evolution of the network doesn’t stop. In August 2019 the Company launched the 4G+ enabling the customer to reach a speed up to 300 Mbit/s

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