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Enjoy our Data bundle plans at the lowest costs.

Take advantage of the fastest internet in The Gambia at the lowest cost directly on your mobile device. With Africell’s data packages, you can always stay connected at the lowest price.

Bundle Price Validity
20MB D7.5 30 Days
40MB D9 30 Days
50MB D11 30 Days
80MB D11 30 Days
100MB D24 30 Days
150MB D30 30 Days
200MB D40 30 Days
300MB D60 30 Days
500MB D90 30 Days
750MB D98 30 Days
1GB D130 45 Days
1.5GB D145 45 Days
2GB D180 45 Days
3GB D255 45 Days
4GB D450 60 Days
5GB D595 60 Days
8GB D780 60 Days
10GB D950 60 Days
12GB D1,120 60 Days
13GB D1,190 60 Days
15GB D1,490 60 Days
20GB D1,790 60 Days

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