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Prepaid, or the easiest way to have a SIM card in The Gambia. Africell SIM is available everywhere in The Gambia for FREE and it comes loaded with 10 Africell Credits and 15 on-net SMS'.

You can now enjoy the best network coverage, services and tariffs in The Gambia.
Africell’s prepaid line is a rechargeable SIM card that provides you quick, easy and practical access to the leading Africell mobile communication network. With Africell Pre-Paid line there are no monthly fees, no bills; you will be able to access all our services, such as Voice Mail, SMS, Call Waiting, and you can instantly recharge your mobile at anytime and anywhere by buying one of Africell’s recharge cards available in the market. In addition with Africell you will enjoy the lowest tariff in town.


  1. Scratch Cards: D25, D45, D100, D250
  2. eVoucher: from 5 Dalasis to 5,000 Dalasis.
  1. CLIP: It enables you to identify the number of the party calling you.
  2. Call Waiting: It enables you to be notified of an incoming call when you are busy on another one
  3. WohMa , Call me: No need to worry much when you out of credit and want to make an urgent call, Africell has brought you this service call Wohma. Type the Number of the person you want to call you and send it to 7140.
    Prepaid Roaming: Get a FREE Sim Card along with GMD 10 Bonus credits and 15 on-net SMS’.
  4. Call Divert: You can divert all your calls to any other number when your number is busy or switched off.
  5. Credit Transfer: Call 141 to transfer Credit to your loved ones

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