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The world in your hands

Africell gives you the easiest way to have a SIM Card in the Gambia. Africell SIM is available everywhere is the Gambia for FREE and it comes with D10 Credit and 15 on-net SMS.

With Africell, you can enjoy the Best Network, Widest Coverage, Quality Service and Cheapest Tariffs.
Africell prepaid line is a reachable SIM Card that provides with easy access to its menu, with the Africell prepaid line there no monthly fees, no bills and you will have access all the services.

To Recharge or Top-up:

Simply Recharge D25; D45; D100 or D250 or buy EVoucher (EVC) from D5 up D30,000 or more.

  1. CLIR (Caller Line Identification Restriction) – This service enables customers to hide their number whenever they make an outgoing call.
    The other party i.e the receiver will not see or know the caller, the call will appear to the receiver as Unknown, Private or Withheld.
  2. INTERNATIONAL DIALING – It enables customers to call any international destination anywhere around the world
  3. PREPAID ROAMING – Is a service that allows the subscriber to make and receive calls using his/her Africell SIM Card when travels abroad.
    The subscriber will still be accessed on his /her Africell line and make or receive calls. To subscribe to this service, simply send a Blank SMS to 1001 or call our customer care on 111.
  4. VALIDITY – With Validity service, you can maintain your Africell line for life. Simply activate the service when traveling outside the country.
    To activate this service, send blank SMS 1002 and it will only cost you D10 credit.

For more information on other Valued Added services, please visit any of our outlets or call us on 111.

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